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#PinkyRealLife is a term that was coined by the founder, Brandie N. Harris, and her late fiancé, Akeem “AJ” Coburn. When they first started dating, they often communicated with each other their hopes for their relationship and what they planned to bring to it. The first time AJ shared with Brandie his desires to make her his wife, she said, "you pinky promise?", with a raised brow. AJ then looked at her funny and said "Real life!", in his serious deep voice. In that moment, they created #PinkyRealLife.  Moving forward, it was used as an added measure to ensure they meant every word they were expressing to each other.

On the evening of July 29th, AJ was tragically gunned down. Their time together was some of the happiest days of their lives.  So as you can imagine, Brandie’s whole world was shattered as the future they were planning together, had been cut short. After much prayer and meditation, Brandie realized they had in fact lived up to the saying they so proudly asserted. Everything they experienced in their time together, some don't experience in a lifetime.

So to honor him and inspire you, this brand was created as a constant reminder to keep your word! Whether it be to yourself, your significant other, your children, your family or your friends. We aim to empower you to be the best version of yourself and to be confident in yourself. Afterall, why put off tomorrow, what can be done today?

We invite you to browse our site to find just what will remind you to make your dreams come to pass. Shop #PinkyRealLife today.



by watching this short film from the founder and owner,
Brandie N. Harris