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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to #PinkyRealLife ! There is no way I could launch this movement and business without dedicating it to the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate... my AJ. As mentioned on the "Our Story" page, AJ was tragically killed and taken from all of his loved ones here on earth. So in the midst of this tremendous pain, instead of focusing solely on his death, I want to highlight his life and the great man he was. He exhibited exactly what #PinkyRealLife stands for and I'm honored to have been the final piece of his life and purpose fulfilled. #JusticeForAJ ❤️🤞🏾

An Amazing Man

AJ was one of a kind. Despite his hard exterior, all who knew him would say he was caring, loving, sweet, funny, hard working, selfless, determined and ambitious. It's rare when not one person has anything bad to say about you, but that was AJ. Nobody can speak ill of him because his heart was made of gold! From strangers, to coworkers, to his nearest and dearest family/friends, they all have extraordinary things to say about him. So that is the narrative I will continue. AJ was not about drama or hate, so in honor of him, we are going to keep that same energy! When you see his name or his face, understand he was a gift from God to show us peace and love in human form. He was truly an angel on earth, and now in Heaven. ❤️🤞🏾

An Incredible Father

AJ loved his family, especially his daughters. While he was not my daughter Journee's biological father, blood could not have made their bond any stronger. He was truly a #GirlDad and it was a blessing and a sight to see him operating in that role. He would work 10, 12 and sometimes 16 hour shifts, come home, and still have energy for his girls. Whether it be washing and combing their hair, playing a video or board game with them, finding matching shoes for all of them to wear or teaching them something new. He did it all, and willingly! Not one moment was taken for granted and everyday our girls knew they were beautiful, loved and cherished. It is my prayer that the girls never forget who he was, what we all shared and that he is always watching over them. ❤️🤞🏾

My Superman

From the moment AJ and I met, he struck me as a gentle giant. He was handsome, a little rugged, a gentleman and did I say fine!?! I never knew love like this until him. We first met each other when he sent me a Direct Message on Instagram telling me I was beautiful. Being the bold and filterless person I am, I said "Thanks! Who are you and who sent you?". His reply was, "LOL, I sent me and my name is Akeem." The rest is history. We dated for a while but did not make things official until months later. Both of us were very in touch with our feelings and loved hard, so it didn't take us long to realize we were falling in love with each other. I mean, we never had to force it, we were floating in it from the moment we met. Just two hearts that yearned for their match, their partner, their person! We knew we didn't want to spend our life with anyone else and decided we wanted to get married. On July 18th, 2020, the video below shows how we were one step closer to making that happen. We completely complemented each other and truly were soulmates! When you saw our pictures, our videos and us in person, you could feel our happiness and love for one another. When we looked into each others eyes, nobody else was in the room. Every time I hear our song "Forever Mine" by the O'Jays, I drift off into a sweet memory of him and I slow dancing like two old people. That was our thing. I'm devastated, heart broken and truly sad our love story was cut so short, but I am grateful to have experienced what we did. AJ showed me that finding the right partner will not COMPLETE you, because when you are truly content, you are already WHOLE. Yet, the right partner will EXTEND you. He encouraged me to grow the love I already had in me and in God, so I can keep sharing it. He still does 'til this day! But I am truly going to miss him and everything we were. ❤️🤞🏾

How do we move forward?

Since AJ's passing, the hashtag, #PinkyRealLife, has evolved and it encompasses these three things:

  1. Love: 1 Corinthians 16:14 — let all that you do, be done with and in love

  2. Promise: Ecclesiastes 5:4 — if you make a promise to God, keep it

  3. Legacy: Proverbs 20:7 — when you live good and honest lives, your children are blessed

This is something him and I both believed in! It’s what we stood by! The promises we made to each other and ourselves! If you look back at our relationship, and what we privately and publicly shared, there is no doubt how in love we were with each other. It was truly beautiful and many of you have personally messaged me about how we had given you hope or made you step up your game in your own relationships. We were already established and content with ourselves prior to becoming one, but when we did, everything just magnified!

I couldn’t have launched this or even moved forward with it, without including him. Not putting off tomorrow, what can be done today is how him and I lived our lives and most importantly how we were together. I’m 100% sure that he is looking down smiling and cheering me on for two reasons. For one, his legacy will live on with the term we coined together in the midst of love and promise. Everything he believed in, how he operated and what he loved is being exuded in this brand. And now, the whole world will have an opportunity to apply it to their lives! For two, he is proud of the woman he chose to marry and spend the rest of his life with. Through everything I am enduring, I stand tall as the strong, resilient, loyal and faithful woman he knows me to be.

Sometimes I look at his pictures, our pictures, our videos and cannot believe he is no longer here. But when reality hits, I literally go through all the emotions, all over again. I'd be a lie if I wasn't honest about how sometimes I wish I could just join AJ in Heaven, but him and God often remind me that I have a purpose to fulfill as well. And no matter how hard it gets or how bad it hurts, I have to remain strong for my baby girl! Do I wish he was here with me to roll all of this out? I absolutely do! But he is here, in spirit, and nothing I do is done without the consult of God. I’ve gotten so many signs and God has sent AJ to me in my dreams with confirmation. One of those confirmations were “you create the narrative”. So I personally chose to allow my pain to transform into purpose, my tragedy into triumph and my test into a testimony. God is and will always be good, and on the throne. I have to trust his word, "God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them." Romans 8:28 ❤️🤞🏾


The day of the launch for #PinkyRealLife is significant because 12/13/2020 is the day AJ and I were supposed to get married. This would have been a day we celebrated for decades, and we still will with the launch of something him and I created together. While AJ and I never made it down the aisle to officially become Husband and Wife, no ring, piece of paper or ceremony could have made our union more complete. This man loved me and I loved him. This man supported me and I supported him. This man protected me and I protected him. Fate would have it that we both had tried on and chose our wedding attire for today months back. So someone put the two of us together from those fittings to give me, and you, a glimpse of how stunning we would have been at our wedding. Today is bittersweet, but when I look at this picture, with tears in my eyes, and what God has given me the strength to create with this brand, I am forever grateful. ❤️🤞🏾

In closing...

Creating, launching and running a business is hard work and requires a lot of patience! But, I like to look at this as more of a movement. My dedication to this and what it stands for is fueled by all the people it can touch. The purpose of this brand is to empower and inspire people to meet their goals, whatever those goals may be. Let's face it, tomorrow is NOT promised. So if you want to get your degree, do it! If you want to save a certain amount of money by a certain time, do it! If you want to own your own home, do it! If you want to lose a few pounds, do it! If you want to start that non-profit, podcast or business, do it! I want to hear your stories of how you set a goal and you met it! Here at #PinkyRealLife your word is your credit, and we need to see it come to pass! With AJ, whether in our love life or our individual lives, we both did everything in love, if we made a promise we kept it and he lived a good, honest and full life so his children may be blessed. Overall, we didn’t put off tomorrow, what could have been done today.

Now, with that said, what’s your #PinkyRealLife? ❤️🤞🏾

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